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Siltech develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo functional silicone compounds and related specialties for the personal care industry using our patented as well as proprietary technology.  Because we strive to create new materials with unique performance properties that are as yet unavailable, new applications and markets are constantly being identified and added. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our customers, as we believe this results in the creation of the most formulator friendly, cost-effective silicone specialties.

Siltech has been working in the field of cosmetic and personal care since its inception in 1989. We have established a competency center for personal care at Siltech LLC in Georgia. This center works together with Siltech Corporation located in Toronto Canada to develop, scale up and manufacture cutting edge products for the personal care market. By working closely with our customers, Siltech has also created many products that are unique and exclusively used by those customers. Please contact us so that together we may develop such products for your specific need.

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